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MaRa Eickermann
MaRa Eickermann
founder and president of
Sunset Fortune, Inc.

Coming from Europe, where we worked in the field of applied spirituality for 20 years, we are now bringing our work to the United States and are happy to announce the opening of our company and our Center of Light in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our work is building a bridge between spirituality and daily life. What we have to offer is a number of tools that enable you to realize your true potential as well as that of the people living or working with you.

  • Do you want to meet your challenges?
  • Do you want to grow personally?
  • Do you want to find the grounds on which your life and business can flourish?
  • Do you want to take care of yourself and others?

Find out what you can do by connecting to your inner reality of Light. Light is a term that is used for your innate energy. By realizing your inner Light you can enhance your abilities and find a wonderful way of initiating harmony and productivity in any situation. Our work consists of several different tools and methods that enhance your ability to meet your challenges successfully and let you experience the potential that you have to accomplish your tasks and to live a fulfilled and happy life.

What you will gain from our service:

  • You will become aware of your own Light and of the way it touches others.
  • You will be overwhelmed by the beauty and grace of the Light.
  • You will learn how to use your energy to help yourself and others.
  • You will feel secure and at home within yourself.
  • You will have a better atmosphere in your working space and at home.
  • You will release inner blockages and heal emotional damages entirely.
  • You will have visions for your personal life as well as your business and find ways to realize them.
  • You will become aware of the inner nature of this world.
  • You will get answers to your questions that give you a new and higher perspective.
  • You will free yourself of limiting habits.
  • You will find your own place in life and enjoy it.
  • You will become YOU!
For more detailed information please click on our different services. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to
call or email.

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