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MaRa Eickermann
MaRa Eickermann
MaRa Eickermann

MaRa Eickermann is a Spiritual Master. She has accompanied and trained countless people of all ages from all walks of life. Her heart is always open and she responds to every aspect of a persons being. This enables her to show you ways to realize and live your own potential that are easy to accomplish and yet powerful.

Her work has started in Bonn, Germany and led her to the north of France where she has founded the Center Of Light "Château Amritabha". Having spent part of her childhood in the United States MaRa always wanted to come back to the U.S.

Now, after 20 years of success in Europe she is happy to bring her work across the ocean and welcomes you to take part in the joy of finding your own way of living your true potential.

Comments on MaRa:

"It is unbelievable with how much joy, patience and natural ease MaRa imparts knowledge and inspiration. I am really lucky that she is my teacher."

-- Maruna Lindel, Duesseldorf, Germany

"The work, the love and the life of MaRa Eickermann have been very supportive in helping me find my own path and being able to walk it with endless joy and happiness."

-- Duniam Linke, Mahe, Seychelles

"When I feel sick or down, I contact MaRa and her light and energy always help me to adjust and to be successful. Her inner smile opens my heart so that I can feel what I need."

-- SuNi Muszynska, Seoul, South Korea

"Through her singing MaRa touches the peoples’ hearts."

-- Rakandra Wilms, Duesseldorf, Germany

"MaRa is the heartily laughing obstacle and anchor, that cradles me and holds me softly on my turbulent path to my spiritual awakening."

-- Edeltraud Cebulla, Duesseldorf, Germany

"Thinking of MaRa always makes me happy."

-- Giron Koetsier, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

"MaRa represents one of the most beautiful lights I know. Very warm and soft and full of power."

-- Xantor Weinberg, Sydney, Australia

"I lived for two years with MaRa in the Center Of Light Chateau Amritabha in France. During this time I learned from her how to run a Center Of Light with devotion and commitment to one's personal task. She was a great support for me personally. Her empathy, her clear prognoses and her outstanding spiritual work showed me, that in the name of love and trust in God the own path to one's true self can be found. In my own Center Of Light in Nepal I joyfully transform what I have learned into action for the benefit of all."

-- Kali Ma, Dolalghat, Nepal


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